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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase Thor products on this website?

No, Thor does not sell any products directly online and we encourage you to support your local dealer. However, you can purchase directly from one of our many Online Dealers. For a complete listing of dealers in your area please check out the Dealer Locator.

I'm a racer, how do I get sponsored by Thor Motocross?

Please visit our Rider Support page for information on sponsorships.

Where can I get a Thor Sticker?

We appreciate your interest and your support. We would like to extend our thanks, by sending you Thor decals at no charge. Your stickers should arrive via US mail in about 4-6 weeks. Sorry, but we can only send free stickers in the USA.

Please send a self addressed stamped envelope to the following address. Don’t forget to place a stamp on the return envelope!

Free Stickers
Thor MX
12267 Crosthwaite Cir
Poway, CA 92064

I want to become a dealer. Where do I start?

For more information, please contact our distributor, Parts Unlimited at the address below:

Phone: 1-800-369-1000
Fax: 858-748-5575

Parts Unlimited
PO Box 5222
Janesville, WI 53547-5222

I have a problem with my product. What is your warranty policy?

Thor is 100% committed to creating the best performance riding products in the industry and we’re always interested in receiving input from our valued customers. All Thor products are warranted for a period of 1 Year from date of purchase against any defects in materials and workmanship. As riders, we know that our products are subject to severe conditions and stress. We test all of our products in real world applications utilizing our factory riders and test riders to ensure our products are built to the highest standards. If you experience a problem with one of our products we want to know about it. We kindly request you return your product to the dealer where you originally purchased it (along with your original sales receipt). Your dealer will assist you with returning your product to our distributor, Parts Unlimited. We will then evaluate your claim and either repair, replace, or return the product based on our findings. If you need further assistance with your claim, you may contact us directly at Customer Service.

What's the best way to wash my gear?

Generally, you need to follow the instructions on the Care Label which is attached to the individual product. If you can’t find the label here’s some general guidelines: Turn your gear inside out. Then wash by hand or washing machine using cold water with a little mild detergent, NO BLEACH. After washing you need to hang dry, DO NOT USE THE DRYER! For best results wash your gear soon after riding – don’t let it sit in your gearbag.

I have a Thor Helmet, how do I care for it and how do I know if it's still good after a crash?

The following information should provide all the guidance you need. Also, always read the owners manual that comes with every Thor helmet for important information regarding your specific helmet.

Helmet Replacement (All Models)
Although your THOR Helmet is constructed with the best materials available to offer a long-lasting product, it will eventually need to be replaced. Immediately replace your helmet if:

• It has suffered an impact. Your helmet is only designed for ONE impact. An impact may fracture the outer shell or compress the impact absorbing liner. You may not be able to detect this damage. Any impact in a crash or a drop from as low as 4 feet is enough to damage your helmet.

• The shell, lining, or retention system is damaged. The helmet shell, the impact absorbing lining, and the retention system must be in good condition to provide you with the most protection.

• Even if your helmet has not been damaged, it needs to be replaced every 3 to 5 years depending on how much you use it. Over time, UV rays and adhesive and component aging will damage your helmet. Wearing a damaged helmet may increase your risk of serious injury or death in an accident.

• If you are unsure if you need to replace your helmet, contact THOR before using your helmet again.

Using Your Helmet Correctly
To reduce the risk of serious injury or death and to help prevent damage to your helmet:

• Never adjust your helmet accessories while riding. Only make helmet adjustments when stopped.

• Never drop your helmet. Dropping your helmet may crack the shell or damage the protective foam. The damage may not be visible. Your helmet is only designed for ONE impact. Refer to Helmet Replacement for more information on what to do after helmet has been dropped.

• Never wear anything between your head and your helmet This may reduce the effectiveness of your helmet.

• Never hang or hook your helmet on anything including mirror stalks, handle bar, or sissy bars. Doing so may cause damage to the helmet protective foam or liner.

• Never use insect repellent on or around your helmet Insect repellant may damage your helmets visor, shell, protective foam, or other components.

• Never expose helmet to gasoline or gasoline fumes. Gasoline may damage your helmets visor, shell, protective foam, or other components. If you have any questions on what other substances may damage your helmet, please email us at

To reduce the risk of serious injury or death and to help prevent damage to your helmet:

• Always wear eye protection If you are not using a helmet with a face shield; always wear eye protection when riding.

• Always lock your face shield in place when you are riding.

• Always be alert for sounds. Your helmet may impair your hearing. However, your helmet is not a form of hearing protection.

• Always store your helmet in its helmet bag when not in use to help reduce accidental surface damage.

• Inspect your helmet to reduce the risk of serious injury or death

• Always use your helmet correctly.

• Off-Road Helmet: Check the visor screws retighten if necessary. Be sure not to over-tighten any screws. Plastic base plate screws can break and aluminum visor screws can strip the screw sleeves if over-tightened.

• Full-Face Helmet: Check the shield and shield ratchet retighten shield ratchet screws if necessary. Be sure not to over-tighten any screws. Plastic base plate screws can break and aluminum screws can strip the screw sleeves if over-tightened.

• Check for helmet damage. If your helmet is damaged or cracked, stop using it immediately. See “Helmet Replacement” section for further information. If your helmet has been dropped, you may not be able to see the damage. Check for worn or damaged parts. Plastic components may wear out over time. If you find worn or damaged parts, replace them or purchase a new helmet.

Helmet Disposal
If you buy a new helmet, destroy the old one to ensure it cannot be reused. Do not sell or give away your old helmet, even if it has not been damaged. Over time the protective foam in the helmet will adjust to the contours of your head. If someone else uses this helmet it will not provide them with as much protection.