Marvin Musquin Charges to Second, Plessinger claims Third in Atlanta

The 2016 East Coast 250SX Championship started off with bang in Atlanta this past weekend. An exceptionally technical track made for an exciting and challenging race event.  Aaron Plessinger raced to an excellent start to the season with a third place finish and Marvin Musquin looked poised to win, but an unfortunate mishap relegated him to second place.



Aaron Plessinger had a smooth evening with an easy transfer from heat race 2 straight to the main. In the main event Plessinger had a solid start slotting into third place and maintained that position for the entirety of the race.


Jeremy Martin also started off his season favorably with an easy transfer from heat race 1 straight into the main. In the main event, Martin had a a bit of a slower start in 8th place, but throughout the race methodically picked off his competitors one by one until finishing fourth for the evening.



Marvin Musquin pulled the holeshot in his heat race and despite a few bobbles he transferred to the main event. When the gate dropped for the main event Musquin came charging and swiftly moved from second to the lead after the first corner. He lead the next eighteen laps of the race with Ryan Dungey applying pressure the whole time. In the last lap, a lapped rider cut off Musquin’s line and he was forced to come off the track and hand over the lead to Dungey. Musquin rejoined and finished in second place for the evening.


Jason Anderson had a mid-pack start in his heat race, but had no problem slicing his way through to a transfer spot to the main event. In the main Anderson had a solid start in fourth place and was making moves, when contact with another rider on lap 8 pushed him back to 11th place. Anderson battled the rest of the race to a 7th place finish for the evening.