Marvin Musquin Charges to Second, Plessinger claims Third in Atlanta

The 2016 East Coast 250SX Championship started off with bang in Atlanta this past weekend. An exceptionally technical track made for an exciting and challenging race event.  Aaron Plessinger raced to an excellent start to the season with a third place finish and Marvin Musquin looked poised to win, but an unfortunate mishap relegated him to second place.



Aaron Plessinger had a smooth evening with an easy transfer from heat race 2 straight to the main. In the main event Plessinger had a solid start slotting into third place and maintained that position for the entirety of the race.


Jeremy Martin also started off his season favorably with an easy transfer from heat race 1 straight into the main. In the main event, Martin had a a bit of a slower start in 8th place, but throughout the race methodically picked off his competitors one by one until finishing fourth for the evening.



Marvin Musquin pulled the holeshot in his heat race and despite a few bobbles he transferred to the main event. When the gate dropped for the main event Musquin came charging and swiftly moved from second to the lead after the first corner. He lead the next eighteen laps of the race with Ryan Dungey applying pressure the whole time. In the last lap, a lapped rider cut off Musquin’s line and he was forced to come off the track and hand over the lead to Dungey. Musquin rejoined and finished in second place for the evening.


Jason Anderson had a mid-pack start in his heat race, but had no problem slicing his way through to a transfer spot to the main event. In the main Anderson had a solid start in fourth place and was making moves, when contact with another rider on lap 8 pushed him back to 11th place. Anderson battled the rest of the race to a 7th place finish for the evening.

Webb wins in Dallas, Anderson on the podium again

Jason Anderson gated a little better in Dallas where he rode well and was on the podium again. Cooper Webb regained the points lead after riding hard and winning the 250 Main.


Cooper Webb rode strong once again and now controls the 250 points, with an 11 point lead over Joey Savatgy.


Marvin Musquin had some bad luck after turning in some really fast laps in practice. He was maybe even the fastest man on the track, but bad gates and unintentional contact left him dead last at the beginning of the 450 main. Marvin battled through the pack and never gave up, managing to ride all the way up to 6th place at the checkers.




Webb Fights his way to the Podium in San Diego

It was an all-out battle at San Diego SX 2 as Cooper Webb fought tooth and nail to hang on to the red plate but was ultimately mired by setbacks.



Cooper Webb came in to the evening tied in points with rival Joey Savatgy.  Webb won his heat race without any troubles and moved onto the main event.  In the main event Webb claimed fifth position in the opening lap and quickly started to work his way to the front.  By lap six he was hunting down the race leader Savatgy when a small mishap put him on the ground.  Webb lost two positions as he remounted for the race and had to work hard again to regain lost ground.  After several attempts Webb finally made his move stick and on lap 13 claimed second place from Craig.  There was not enough time left in the race to chase down Savatgy however and Webb had to settle with second place for the night.


Mitchell Harrison was having a good evening, with a solid transfer from heat race 2 and looking confident for the main event.  In the first lap of the main event however Harrison clipped someone’s rear tire and went down hard.  He remounted and fought his way to a 14th place finish for the night.


It was a tough night for Alex Martin.  Although he had an easy transfer from his heat race in the start of the main event a big pile up in turn one caused Martin to crash.  Starting from way back in the pack Martin eventually worked his way to a 15th place finish.



Jason Anderson put on a show all night with daring moves and close passes that had the crowd on their feet.  The sparks flew in Anderson’s heat race as he battled with Friese several laps as the two riders made close passes, bumped, and Anderson eventually edged him out to take over for a second place finish in the race.  In the main event Anderson had a slow start, starting from 8th place in lap 1.  Anderson had an exciting few laps as he pushed past Canard and Tomac to claim fourth place for the night.


Marvin Musquin started his night with a bang as he claimed the holeshot in heat race 1 and claimed third in the race.  Musquin’s start in the main event was a bit trickier however, as the frenchman was literally unsaddled from the bike in the mayhem but miraculously kept upright and remounted with only minor damage.  That opening lap bobble pushed Musquin back to sixth place,  and he ultimately finished 7th in the main event.

Webb on the Hunt for the Points Lead

Webb on the Hunt for the Points Lead

Cooper Webb came back with tenacity this weekend in Phoenix, as he tracked down the points lead in the 250SX class.  PHX-WEBB


Cooper Webb started his night right with a win in his heat race and the fastest lap of the evening (1:02.7). In the main event Webb had some work cut out for him when he started the race in sixth position. By lap four Webb had battled his way to second place, right on the tail of race leader Christian Craig. Webb stalked Craig for most of the race, and tried to cut an inside line on Craig with five laps to go, but washed out his front end and crashed. Webb was able to rejoin the race still in second place, but Craig now had the solid lead to claim the win. Webb’s second place finish resulted in enough points to tie him for the points lead with Joey Savatgy.


Alex Martin had a solid evening, with an easy transfer from heat race 1 and 7th place finish in the main event.



Jason Anderson had some bumps and battles through the night, as a crash in his heat race forced him to race to a transfer spot in the semis. A rough start in the main event found Anderson in tenth place on the opening laps, but Anderson put his head down and charged to a fourth place finish for the evening, retaining valuable championship points.


Marvin Musquin had an easy transfer from heat race 2, but found himself in an uphill battle during the main event. A rough start from the gate put Musquin in 16th position and although he raced his way to sixth place, a tip over midway through the race cost him some positions. Musquin remounted and finished the race in ninth place.

Musquin Scores First 450 Podium in Oakland

It was a night of unusual mishaps and drama at the Oakland SX round but Marvin Musquin made a powerful statement with his third place podium finish in the 450 class.



Marvin Musquin started the night strong with a second place finish in heat race 2 for an easy transfer to the main.  In the main event Musquin again secured a solid start to the race, grabbing onto Dungey’s rear tire and claiming the two spot early on.  Ken Roczen eventually made the pass for second place but Musquin held on for the duration of the race to claim his first ever 450 podium.


Jason Anderson also had a solid performance in Oakland, winning his heat race with good margin and riding fast all night.  In the main event Anderson had a weak start and had plenty of work to do to fight through the pack to the front.  Anderson battled his way to a well-earned fourth place for the night.



A near perfect night was spoiled for Cooper Webb, when a mechanical dashed all hopes for an undefeated season.  Webb battled with Christian Craig to victory in his heat race, and the stage was set for another bar banger between the two rivals in the main.  Webb and Craig started the main event side by side, with Craig edging out Webb in the first few corners.  Webb would latch on and diligently hunt Craig until lap 3 when Craig went down in a corner and handing the lead to Webb.  Webb had full command of the lead for nearly the entire race until a mechanical forced Webb out of the race.  The team mechanics scrambled to bring the YZ250 back to life, just in time for Webb to complete the final lap to score 21 place.


Alex Martin also had a disappointing end to an otherwise promising evening.  Finishing second in his heat race, Martin looked poised to carry this momentum into the main.  Martin had a great start in the top five and was running solidly with the front runners all the way up to third place, when he went down hard in the over-under corner and had to retire from the race.