Thor AM Riders Rack up the Championships at Mini O’s

The Thor Rider AM team racked up the titles at the 2015 Mini O’s in Florida.  The AM team won 11 supercross titles and 9 motocross titles for a total of 20 championships altogether.  Stand-outs Challen Tennant scored 6 of the titles while Matthew LeBlanc added 7 titles to the final score.  The Thor AM team looks forward to more of this same success in the 2016 season!


Matthew LeBlanc won the following supercross titles – 85(9-11) limited, 65(10-11)limited, 65(10-11), 85(9-11) and the following motocross titles- 85(9-11), 65(10-11), 65 (10-11) limited


Challen Tennant won the following supercross titles- 250B limited, Schoolboy 2 (13-16) and the following motocross titles- 250B, 250B limited, 450B, 450B limited


Ryder DiFrancesco won the 65 (7-9) supercross title and the 65 (7-11) motocross title.


Daxton Bennick won the 51 (7-8) limited supercross title.


Brock Papi won the schoolboy 1 (12-16) B/C supercross title and the schoolboy 1 (12-16) B/C motocross title.


Bradley Taft won the 450 pro sport supercross title.