Marvin Musquin#25



Team: Red Bull Factory KTM
Bike: 450-sxf factory edition
Residence: Clermont, FLorida and Corona, CA
Hometown: La Réole, France
Favorite Thor Kit: Prime Fit Squad black/white
Favorite Track: My SX track in France


2015: East Coast Supercross 250 Champion, 2015 Outdoor Motocross 2nd, Team France 2015 Motocross of Nations Champions
2014: Redbull Straight Rhythm 250 Winner
2011: MX of Nations Silver Medal (FRANCE)
2010: MX2 World Champion
2009: MX2 World Champion
2009: MX2 French Champion
2009: MX2 MX of Nations individual Winner
2009: MX of Nations Silver Medal (FRANCE)
2007: French 125cc Supercross Champion
2006: French 125cc Supercross Champion

Recent Activity



The MX Pro National series came to a close this weekend at Ironman Raceway in Indiana. The championships had already been decided, but that didn’t stop Thor riders Aaron Plessinger and Cooper Webb from putting on a show for their race fans!



Aaron Plessinger ran a steady pace in Moto One, taking 8th place at the checkered flag. In Moto Two Plessinger took it up several notches, launching out of the gate and instantly battling with Moto One winner Austin Forkner. Plessinger had control of the race for a bit when a small mistake put him on the ground and allowed Forker to get by. Plessinger wasn’t giving up though, he remounted and by mid-race he was once again hounding Forkner for the lead. The two battled until a deep rut claimed Forkner, and Plessinger ran strong to the finish for his first pro national win and second overall for the weekend. He finished fifth in the 250 MX National Championship series.


Cooper Webb had some issues in Moto One, tipping over in rough conditions early on in the race, however remounting to claim fifth. In Moto Two Webb followed the action up front and capitalized on Forkner’s mistake, taking second in Moto Two. Webb, the 2016 MX National Champion went 5-2 for the day to take a third place overall at the Ironman MX.


Alex Martin stalked the two front runners in Moto One, but never found the opportunity to make a pass, settling for third place. In Moto Two Martin ran to a consistent fourth place, giving him a 3-4 for and putting him in a 3 way tie for second place with fellow team mates Plessinger and Webb. The points tally and finishes ultimately would place Martin in fourth overall for the weekend. Alex Martin raced solidly all season long and has second place in the 250 MX National Championship series to show for that effort.


Mitchell Harrison ran quite well at Ironman MX, going 10-6 and 7th overall for the weekend.

450 MX


Marvin Musquin started Moto One in the top five and battled with Tomac for the podium, but ended up finishing fourth. In Moto Two Musquin had a very similar start and position, but this time the majority of the battle took place fending off Anderson to maintain a 4-4 finish for the weekend. Marvin Musquin placed third over all in the 450 MX National Championship series.


Jason Anderson made his return to racing this weekend at Ironman, and looked to be right back up to speed finishing 5-5 for the weekend and now focuses his sights on the up-coming MXoN race.


Cooper Webb continues his championship hunt with a confident win at Unadilla.  Marvin Musquin also keeps his podium streak going, claiming second place in 450MX.



Cooper Webb was off to an excellent start in Moto One when a red flag 5 minutes in caused a full race restart, setting him back slightly. On the restart Cianciarulo got the jump to an early lead and Webb stalked him closely, but didn’t make a pass until halfway through the race. Once he made the pass however, Webb dashed unchallenged to the checkered flag and the moto win. In Moto Two Webb launched into the top 3 of the pack and a battle emerged between him, Forkner and Savatgy. Webb made the pass stick on Savatgy and slowly worked his way to Forkner. Late in the race Webb found his opportunity and overtook the lead from Forkner, and another red flag this time worked in Webb’d favor cutting the race short and handing Webb the win. Webb went 1-1 on the day for first overall and the 250 MX National Championship is mere points away from his grasp.


Aaron Plessinger turned heads this weekend with an impressive late race rampage in Moto One. He charged forward with the fastest laps of the entire race, all the way up to third and mounted a formidable attack on Savatgy for second. Lapped traffic was Savatgy’s saving grace and Plessinger settled in for third. In Moto Two Plessigner had a more subdued, but still strong showing, wrapping up in third and going 3-3 to take a second place overall for the day.


Alex Martin had an off and on weeked at Unadilla, maladies and crashes keeping him off the podium, but his 7th place overall ties him for second in championship points.


Mitchell Harrison had to retire early out of Moto One and finished 17th in Moto Two, 21st overall at Unadilla.



Marvin Musquin kept his podium streak momentum going, charging out of the gate to an easy top five and picking his way up to a third place finish in Moto One. In Moto Two things were looking solid again for Musquin as he latched on to race leader Roczen and broke away from the entire field early on in the race. A small tip over in a tough “U-turn” section momentarily dropped Musquin back a few positions, but he easily made up the difference by the checkered flag and claimed second place. His 3-2 scores granted him second overall for the weekend and Musquin remains strong in third place of the 450MX National Championship point standings.


Leading into Thor’s big 2017 Collection Launch, Alex Martin wins at Washougal in the all new Fuse Lit Black!WA-AMART


Alex Martin started the weekend with a commanding win – first taking the hole shot and then leading the entire race from start to finish. Savatgy stalked Alex Martin for many laps, but Martin expertly controlled the entire battle and never conceded the lead spot. In Moto 2 Alex Martin had a mid-pack start and had some work cut out for him. Alex Martin steadily worked his way through the pack all the way to second place, and his 1-2 finish handed him the overall for the weekend.


Cooper Webb had a weekend full of ups and downs, but still landed on the podium in third place. In Moto 1 Webb started the race outside the top ten, but by the halfway mark put on the pass to claim third position and would ultimately finish the moto there as the two race leaders had a considerable lead. In Moto 2 Webb started real strong with the hole shot, but the luck would end there as Savatgy pushed Webb wide in the first lap and forcing him off track. Webb rejoined the race and fussily made his way back to battle Savatgy for position again, this time they both hit the ground in the jostling. Webb remounted in 17th and managed to work his way back to a sixth place finish for the moto. His 3-6 finishes were good for a third place overall on the weekend and Webb continues to lead the 250 MX Championship points.


Jeremy Martin had a solid start and finish in Moto 1, claiming fourth. In Moto 2 disaster struck Jeremy when he was collected in the Webb-Savatgy incident, pinning him under his bike and unable to get up as the entire field flew by. Martin did eventually rejoin the race, but had to settle for 17th place after that crash. He finished 4-17 for 11th overall.


Aaron Plessinger finished 9-5 for 7th overall on the weekend.


Mitchell Harrison enjoyed some really solid starts on his motos, but unfortunately could not make them stick as he finished 14th in Moto 1 and crashed out of Moto 2. He finished 20th overall.

450 MX


Marvin Musquin had a little bit of a shaky start to the day, with a slow start in Moto 1 pushing him outside the top ten. Musquin began picking away at the field in rapid succession, working his way all the way to fourth by lap 3. Hungry for that last podium spot, Musquin launched a bold pass on Tomac which ended up not working in his favor as rough braking bumps launched him off his bike. Musquin quickly remounted and maintained his fourth place position, and would ultimately be granted third place when Pourcel crashed out of the race and Musquin slotted into third. In Moto 2 Musquin found himself to be a bit more lucky and launched off the gate for the holeshot. Eventually Tomac and Roczen found ways past the Frenchman and Musquin held onto the third place spot for a 3-3 and overall third for the day.




The Martin brothers felt right at home on their home track in Millville and started Moto 1 with Alex claiming the holeshot and Jeremy right behind him.  Jeremy had a battle on his hands as Webb and Savatgy closed in on him, and Webb making a pass halfway through the race. Alex Martin lead nearly all of the race until tip over with 3 laps to go put him on the ground and relegated him to a third place finish, while his brother finished second behind Webb.


In Moto 2 it was a repeat start for the Martin brothers firing out the gate to 1-2 but it didn’t last long as Alex crashed a few corners into the race. Cianciarulo lead for a few laps, but Jeremy Martin mounted attack and overtook him for the lead. Jeremy would maintain the lead position and claim the overall victory of the weekend. Alex Martin charged all the way back to a fourth place finish in Moto 2 and third overall for the weekend.


Cooper Webb ran another solid weekend, finishing first in Moto 1 and second in Moto 2 for a combined second overall for the weekend.


Aaron Plessinger had a great weekend, finishing fifth in Moto 1 and and sixth in Moto 2 for an overall of fifth for the weekend.


Mitchell Harrison had a stand out weekend in Millville, finishing in 11th in Moto 1 and 10th in Moto 2 for an overall of 8th for the weekend.



Marvin Musquin started his Moto 1 with a top five start and charged hard to third place. He mounted a late race attack on Tomac to try and claim second place, but couldn’t quite seal the deal and settled for third. In Moto 2 Musquin launched off the gate and claimed the holeshot and battled Roczen for several laps before conceding the lead. Musquin continued to charge after Roczen and even dropped the fastest lap of the race, but it wasn’t enough to reel in the lead spot. Musquin went 3-2 and claimed second overall for the weekend.


The Pro National series returned to Southwick, MA and Cooper Webb blasted through the sand to victory in the 250MX class.


250 MX

Cooper Webb got off to a slow start in Moto 1, shuffled back deep in the top ten. He put his head down and charged forward through the field, making it all the way to second place with four laps to go. Despite his efforts and posting up the fastest times of the race Webb didn’t have enough to reel in Moto 1 winner Jeremy Martin. In Moto 2 Webb launched off the gate for the holeshot and ran off with an early lead. Despite some pressure from Austin Forkner Webb never gave up his position and rode a solid moto all the way to the checkered flag, and overall winner for the weekend.


Jeremy Martin started his day right with a holeshot in Moto 1, though he had his hands full dicing with McElrath and Plessinger. Martin managed to sneak by the two and as they battled, he slowly grew his lead to a comfortable margin and raced uncontested to the finish. In Moto 2 Jmart had a bit more adversity to overcome. A slow start buried him in the field and as he battled McElrath for third his front tire washed out and sent him to the ground. Martin remounted in 12th position and charged like a maniac all the way back to a fourth place finish, resulting in a well-earned second overall for the day.


Alex Martin got a slow start to his day with a 7th place finish in Moto 1, but turned up the heat for Moto 2. In Moto 2 Alex Martin rallied to the top five of the field and had an exciting race with McElrath, which came to a close on the final lap when McElrath crashed hard, leaving Alex Martin free to seal the deal of a third place finish and fourth overall.


Aaron Plessinger was on fire in Moto 1, battling hard in the top three for the majority of the race and styling for a fourth place finish. In Moto 2 Plessinger charged hard again and worked his way to a fifth place finish and fifth overall for the day.


Mitchell Harrison placed 15th and 10th, for an overall of 12th for the day.

450 MX


In Moto 1, Musquin got a great jump off the start straight to second place on the opening lap. He dropped back to 4th place in the first few laps, but soon made way his past Justin Bogle to claim the 3rd place position which he held on to the finish. In Moto 2 Musquin got off to a top-five start where he settled into 4th on the opening lap. His luck ran a little short however when a stopped rider caused him to go down and shuffled back outside the top ten.  Musquin remounted and gathered himself up to charge hard back to a seventh place finish, and fourth overall for the day.